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About Sunrise Bagel

There is no greater treat than a fresh bagel or two. Living in Maine, we have had to travel for our bagels. Well, travel no more! We’re bringing fresh bagels to town! Wake up to Sunrise Bagel or stop in for lunch. Whether you’re grabbing one on the go, or savoring one slowly over the morning newspaper and a cup of coffee, we’ve got you covered! Oh, and if a platter of bagels and shmears sounds like fun for the office, we do that too! Go ahead, indulge and enjoy real food, made real slow, with love.

Food Remembered

Do you remember your first bagel? Your favorite flavor? Favorite spread? Do you remember the smells associated with walking into your local bagel bakery… the bagels, the coffee, cinnamon rolls? We’re here to remind you and want to share our excitement in either remembering or creating new memories. Let’s do this!



Fresh Ingredients

Artisan flour, filtered water, barley malt, Kosher salt, yeast. No funky ingredients, keepin’ it real and simple. When we can source local ingredients from local farmers, believe me, you’ll know! Collaborating is going to be so much fun! Think local cheese, eggs, dairy, garlic… the list is too long!

Daily Menus

We will keep it simple. That’s the beauty of a bagel. But… we’ll kick it up a notch with homemade spreads. Think maple sweetened butter, cream cheese spreads for any palate, the sky is the limit! We’d love suggestions. We want you to know us, but we also want to know you. Our sandwiches, named after familiar spots in our city, will hopefully satisfy, day after day. We’ll make changes to fit the seasons, so you don’t get bored!

Bagels are best when eaten fresh! If you plan to save a few for later, pre-slice and freeze them.
Never store them in the fridge…they’ll actually go stale much faster there.
You can toast a frozen bagel directly from the freezer.

Friends don’t let friends eat stale bagels! Shop local, shop often, eat fresh.


Real Ingredients + Time = Real Food

Our bagels are not your run-of-the-mill, bread with a hole in the middle. We start days ahead to make the bagel you eat today. Lots of magic, or if you prefer, science, going on over those days. Depth of flavor, chew, and my personal favorite, naturally easier to digest.

Sunrise Bagel Ingredients: unbleached and unbromated wheat and barley flour, sourdough starter, barley malt, kosher salt, filtered water.

Order Online Now..

Place your order and we’ll get it ready while you drive over. Pop inside to smell our fresh baked goods, or, we can pass your order through our pick-up window (coming soon).


If you’re thinking about a large catering order,
give us a call for details and pricing!


If you’re thinking about a large catering order,
give us a call for details and pricing!

Raving Reviews

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